About Us


The idea originated in 2008 by the owner and inventor Earl Lee. As a contractor of decks, vinyl siding, and remodeling, with over 45 yrs. experience as a professional; he realized something had to be better than staining, painting, and various coatings that never last. Something needed to be done to stop the costly, yearly maintenance. In 2010 he designed the Deck Jacket, a PVC product held by friction without glue, screws and fasteners and was granted a us Patent in 2018. It's the only system of it's kind on the market today!

We are proud to say we are

" Made In America! "

The Highest Quality

Deck Jacket is made of the highest quality product and material

* Heavy duty PVC for durable life

*High infused UV and additives for exceptional weather resistance

* 20-30 degrees cooler to walk on than  wood or composite decking

* Surface ribs prevent slipping

* Protects deck from water and weather  related elements

* Solid color throughout

* Economically better than wood or composite

* Installs in just a few hours

* Fire retardant

* Eco friendly

* Easy to clean

Why Deck Jacket?

Stop the madness of yearly maintenance !

Over time the deck surface weathers severely and cracks along with splinters and eventually nothing can bond to it's surface no matter how much prep work is done.

Deck Jacket covers the entire deck surface and sides, hiding all the imperfections and protecting your deck for practically the life of the deck! Pus adding lasting beauty without seeing all those ugly cracks, nails and joints!

The demand, the frustration, the expense most people find, in almost every product on the market today, is that it won't last year to year! 

                    The Good News

"Deck Jacket" will stand the test of                  time!